Our HR Services

In order to replace any short- or long-term gaps in our organization's HR function, CBS offers a broad range of HR-related services. These services are intended to offer crucial support and professional guidance.


Implementation of Employment Equity Plans. Services for ACA Compliance and Monitoring. Audits and remediation services. Workplace Law Posters. Tracking, development, and support for compliance with labor laws


Designing a compensation strategy and plan. Individual Salary Surveys. Services for Administrating Employee Benefits. Programs for Incentive and Equity-Based Compensation


Assessment and Counseling for Multigenerational Worksites. Evaluations of Remote Work Teams. Return to Work - Assessments, Planning, and Strategic Direction. Total Rewards - Evaluations and Analyses


Review and evaluation of the human resources used in the acquisition. Assessments of Diversity, Sensitivity, and Inclusion. Audit of Compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). HR Evaluations for Big Businesses


Services for Employee Concern Helplines. Management of Employee Files. Worker Sourcebooks. Management & Administration of Employee Leave


Organizational Growth. Force Reductions - Strategic Planning, Management, and Execution. Team Building. Investigation Services in the Workplace

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We assist both small and large enterprises in evaluating (or reevaluating) their current organizational structures. We also give them access to the resources they need to boost productivity, teamwork, and effectiveness. With the help of our organizational development services, we will make recommendations for specific areas where changes can be made, giving you the tools to better plan for potential hires, boost the productivity of the people you already have on staff, and ensure the long-term success of your company.

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